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About Us

About MKH Early Education Center:

MKH is a boutique-style learning center with a capacity of 47 students, we care for children from infants through preschool age. We are small, intimate, and passionate about giving each child the best start possible. MKHEEC brings together the best of both worlds, a home setting that is licensed, compliant, and structured. This setting eases the transition from home, while the personalized nature reduces the anxiety of families experiencing childcare for the first time. No one gets lost in the shuffle, and everyone is excited because, at its core, this is the ultimate playdate. It’s like sneaking veggies into pasta sauce—parents know the good stuff is in there, but all the kids know is that it tastes great!

Our experienced educators pursue kindergarten readiness through the use of small group and one-on-one learning activities, planned programs, and research-based curriculum. Our model incorporates Social, Emotional, Nurturing, Exploration, Cognitive, and Academic (SENECA) components. Within SENECA, social and emotional learning is facilitated, modeled, and proactively taught using problem-solving skills. Nurturing goes beyond structure to a robust and fun environment that includes hugs and building confidence. The academic component allows us to cater to each child’s individual needs, just as you would at home. This results in children who confidently enter kindergarten with the skills they need and parents who love seeing their child succeed in school.